Cookware Durable Enough To Last A Generation
Introducing the Circulon® Symmetry® Collection
The Complete Circulon® Solution "Gotta Haves"
Circulon® Symmetry® Raises The Bar In Cookware
Innovation at Circulon began over three decades ago with its patented Total Nonstick System, which continues to revolutionize the world of gourmet cookware by maximizing performance and long term dependability.

One Attractive, Multi-Tasking Collection With Everything You Need For Your Everyday Meals
Each Order Includes A Custom 28-Page Recipe Book
The Circulon recipe book has a variety of delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, including easy one-pot meals for the whole family. 

Each recipe is easy to follow and specifically designed for each pan to help you make the most of your collection.

Recipes show approximate time it will take to prepare and includes the number of people it serves.
Not All Cookware Is Created Equal
Everyone LOVES Circulon® Symmetry®
"I am using a lot less oil. It was very hassle free and I love that. It’s so versatile, it’s so easy to use. The food is beautiful when it’s cooked up."
- Elizabeth C.

“They’re easier to cook with. They’re easy to clean up. My food doesn’t stick.”
- Greg C.
“I really do love these pans. I get giddy about them because I like them, I love to cook.” 
-Yasna E.
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